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The TrueView platform

Our solution is a vessel performance optimization platform, redefining the industry standard for vessel performance through real-time and accurate wave and weather data to disrupt the way we structure contracts & warranties and optimize voyages.

TrueView applications include:

True vessel performance in accordance with DNV Recommended Practice – Technical Ship Performance
Dynamic fuel tables
Charter party performance
Anti-roll assistant

TrueView is easily integrated with third party vessel performance systems to increase the accuracy of your solutions, e.g. voyage optimisation tools.

What is the performance of your vessel right now?

And what is the actual effect and savings of your hull cleaning? Or an installed energy saving device?

Our Vessel Performance software empowers shipowners to understand the true, real-time performance of their vessels and the measured effect of maintenance as well as retrofitted energy efficiency devices The DNV-verifed VTI can also be used as the underlying measure for performance-linked charter parties between shipowner and charterer, as well as performance-linked bank loans.

What is my vessel’s consumption going to be on her next voyage?

With access to “real-time” and accurate vessel efficiency data across the full operating range of your vessel, you can enhance your commercial and competitive edge and boost the sustainability of your vessel.

How is your vessel performing against warranties?

Our Charter Party Performance software empower charterers and shipowners to evaluate the performance of the chartered vessel compared to contractual warranties.

Miros Mocean’s TrueView platform provides you with a simple dashboard for weather, fuel consumption and speed through water to monitor and manage the performance of your vessel against the warranties of your contract in real-time.

Is your vessel at risk of losing containers?

What is the best course of action to avoid it?

Ocean waves, combined with a vessel’s loading condition and speed through water, are the cause of resonant rolling and ultimately loss of containers. Miros Mocean provides real time anti-roll assistance based on on-board wave measurement and the vessel’s meta data.

The graphical user interface is intuitive, giving an overview of the situation and clear guide to action.