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Miros Mocean is a vessel performance optimisation platform that integrates real-time, in-service vessel data with local wave and weather parameters, providing a live overview of vessel performance.

Through the digitisation of local environmental conditions, Miros Mocean uses measured – not derived – data, for an accurate overview of vessel performance and efficiency in real time, throughout the lifetime of a vessel.

Adding weather to the equation

The TrueView platform is enabled by radar technology that provides highly accurate wave data and speed through water from a vessel in operation.

The platform also collects high frequency vessel data from existing sensors on board. By removing the weather factor from vessel performance you get the true view of your vessel’s efficiency.

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Strongest together

Miros Mocean is a joint venture between wave technology expert Miros, BW Group, one of the world’s leading maritime companies, and Copenhagen Commercial Platform (CCP), an independent commercial platform with a specific focus on ESG for shipowners.