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The recently launched DNV Recommended Practice for Technical Ship Performance sets a new standard in vessel performance measurement and verification. It addresses what shipowners have direct influence over, namely the technical condition of their vessels.

The Recommended Practice includes a new Vessel Technical Index, showcasing a ship’s technical performance relative to its initial state, thereby eliminating the influence of external operational factors. Miros Mocean has already implemented the Vessel Technical Index and offers customers a unique system to quantify the effect of energy saving technologies, plan hull and propeller cleaning and quantify its impact, as well as providing real-time accurate fuel tables for routing and optimization.

Thank you DNV for providing this accurate and transparent framework for technical ship performance – an important tool for shipping decarbonization.
Reach out to learn more about how Miros Mocean uses the Vessel Technical Index to help clients decarbonize.

You can find the Recommended Practice here: [DNV-RP-0675] Technical ship performance – edition Sep, 2023