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We seek to enable the green transition through pure vessel performance

Weather-normalised performance data

TrueView solves the key inaccuracies of performance optimization, namely vessel speed through water (STW) and local, accurate weather data. Locally measured, accurate weather conditions and STW are run through the TrueView platform together with the ship’s high frequency performance data to provide the “real-time” technical performance of a vessel in service – normalized for external forces and operational decisions.

With accurate weather data, coupled with high frequency vessel performance data, TrueView sets a new standard for accurately calculating the “real-time” technical efficiency of a vessel in service, normalized for external forces and operational instructions.

What is Miros Mocean?

Today, Miros Mocean’s TrueView technology can continuously provide a true picture of your vessel’s perfor mance, normalized for external weather factors
and operational instructions.

The TrueView platform provides vital information for owners, charterers and operators to ensure an efficient and sustainable operation. In addition, commercial contracts can be adjusted towards actual performance and thereby incentivize the maritime industry towards decarbonization.

Charter Party Management

Our Charter Party Performance software empower charterers and shipowners to evaluate the performance of the chartered vessel compared to contractual warranties.

Vessel Management

Our Vessel Performance software empowers shipowners to understand the true, real-time performance of their vessels.

Profitability and Sustainability

With access to “real-time” and accurate vessel efficiency data across the full operating range of your vessel.