We are hiring - Are you our new VP Product?
We are hiring - Are you our new VP Product?A unique opportunity
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Do you want a unique opportunity to build and scale an ambitious startup which is made of the combined expertise of Miros, BW Group and Copenhagen Commercial Platform? READ MORE and APPLY HERE.
Miros Mocean appoints new CEO
Miros Mocean appoints new CEOJanuary 2023
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Miros Mocean has appointed Andreas Brekke as CEO to drive its growth in the global shipping market. READ MORE...
Meet us at 8th Hull Performance & Insight Conference (HullPIC)
Meet us at 8th Hull Performance & Insight Conference (HullPIC)Pontignano/Italy, 28-30 Aug 2023
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A new perspective: Vessel performance based on high-frequency, accurate weather and speed-through-water data. Learn more, click to BOOK A DEMO.

Do you want to learn more about how Miros Mocean aims to disrupt the performance inefficiencies of the shipping industry?
How we provide unprecedented data accuracy into the operating conditions of a vessel?

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Setting New Standards for Vessel Performance



Experts in wave technology, Miros, and one of the world’s leading maritime groups, BW Group, are combining their influence and expertise to disrupt the performance inefficiencies of the shipping industry, providing the necessary tools to bring about a transparent, collaborative, and financially rewarding future for all. 

Reduce fuel consumption

Reduce carbon emissions

Operate more efficiently

Miros Mocean provides real-time decision support for the elimination of fuel wastage, live calculation of in-service vessel efficiency, and documentation of true weather conditions to remove uncertainty from claims.

Case Study:
Miros Mocean Unlocks Real-Time Vessel Performance Observations for BW Dry Cargo

Decarbonising the shipping industry is the grand challenge of our time. International regulators and other key stakeholders have set clear and ambitious goals for emissions reductions, and for the industry to progress, accurate measurement and reporting of emissions data will be important. As custodians of the sea, we as an industry have a duty of care to ensure that decisions are made based on the best possible data.

Remi Eriksen | DNV Group President and CEO


Miros Mocean is a vessel performance optimisation platform that integrates real-time, in-service vessel data with local wave and weather parameters, providing a live overview of vessel performance. 

Through the digitisation of local environmental conditions, Miros Mocean uses measured – not derived – data, for an accurate overview of vessel performance and efficiency in real time, throughout the lifetime of a vessel. 

Miros Mocean provides a dynamic overview of a vessel’s performance over time

Miros Mocean uses measured – not derived – local sea state and weather data

Miros Mocean can be integrated into third party vessel performance systems


By measuring vessel speed through water with unprecedented accuracy, in combination with other data points, voyages can be executed in an optimised way – impacting cost, fuel consumption and carbon emissions.



Miros Mocean offers a unique vessel performance optimisation platform integrating real-time, local wave and weather conditions with essential in-service data points for a true, dynamic overview of vessel performance.

The solution is based on sea-clutter analysis from X-band navigation radars. This technology provides accurate wave and current measurements from the immediate surroundings of a vessel in operation, resulting in an unprecedented accuracy for speed through water of 0.1 kn.

Miros Mocean Digital Ship & Digital Ocean

The technology behind Miros Mocean’s offering has been proven over more than a decade of verifications, testing and iterations of algorithm developments. Visit our FAQ for additional information.

Real-time dashboards

Data streaming and download capabilities

Secure access on any device

Explore key use cases gathered from more than a year of in-service operation. Contact us for more details and to explore the technology in greater depth.

Download the Miros Mocean HullPIC papers:

“Accurate Speed Through Water Measurements Enable Accurate Vessel Performance Management”

“Vessel Technical Performance Analysis using Accurate Weather and Speed Through Water Data”

A lack of reliable information on performance in actual operating conditions leads to a typical chicken-and-egg problem in which no firm is ready to adopt a technology – or no financier ready to finance a zero-carbon ship - because there is a lack of clear proof of its efficiency and commercial viability.

Decarbonising Maritime Transport | Pathways to Zero-Carbon Shipping by 2035
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